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Residential Care Homes - An Alternative for Some

Our goal is to provide you with the valuable residential care or rest home information you are looking for. MARCH (Massachusetts Association of Residential Care Homes) represents more than 90 facilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To learn more, we encourage you to read the stories of residents who are living fulfilling lives in one of Massachusetts’ rest homes.


Our Mission

Our Mission

MARCH (Massachusetts Association of Residential Care Homes), established in 1991, is the only organization solely representing rest homes and the residential care community. MARCH is a 501(c6). The mission of the organization is to encourage financial viability, support and advocacy and increased visibility and recognition of the cost effective quality of care offered residents in a home-like setting within the long term care continuum.

Contact Us

Ronald J. Pawelski, President
Phone: 978-549-8739

What do Residential Care Homes (Rest Homes) Provide?

Provide care and supervision 24 hours a day for those who do not need nursing home care. Homes provide coordination of medical care, medication administration, 3 meals and snacks a day, personal care, laundry, activities and housekeeping in small homelike environments. All at one fixed daily rate. See a comparison of care offered by other care settings.

Dodge Park Rest Home and The Oasis at Doge Park Named "Caring Super Star of 2020" as Top Senior Living Communities

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Strategic planning, development, operations
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and related organizations since 1979
Our ongoing mission is to design a specific
plan to help those in our care achieve their best
possible health in the comfort of home